Modernism Museum

Designed to be a totally Interactive and immersive experience, the Modernism Museum is a passion project that Jerry and Tracy Turco plan to bring to Palm Springs.


Showcasing the best of the mid-century modernism era from the late 50s to the early 70s, the aim of the Modernism Museum is to create a cultural institution inspiring the local community and visitors alike through the exploration and celebration of the history of all things mid-century modern.

The museum will also serve the community as a meeting point and venue to gather, socialize and share their combined passion for the era, with events centered around modernist living in a truly creative environment.

At the same time, the Modernism Museum will be an epicenter of preservation and appreciation, allowing the opportunity for both current and future generations to engage, be inspired and educated around the history and unique value of mid-century design and culture which was also so integral to the Palm Springs region.

From the distinctive architecture of the day, automobile stylings, popular culture including the movies, television, music and advertising of the period, through to the everyday industrial design encompassing furniture through to household goods, visitors will enjoy the true flavor of the mid-century era.


With interior design and curation by Tracy Turco, it will be unlike any other museum, with true audience participation a guiding principle of the museum. This interaction will be an essential and fundamental element as the Modernism Museum showcases the collectors as much as their collections, with a multitude of exhibitors planned to participate.

Allowing a trip back in time, visitors will be able to enter and interact within a house set-up from the era, while also able to enter RV’s, boats and cars from the period, enabling myriad opportunities to capture those Kodak - now Instagram - moments.

The museum gift shop will also avail the public the opportunity to purchase a range of vintage items so a little bit of mid-century can go home with them.

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